Dong Hung Accounting Service Company Limited (D.H.A.S.C) was established on April 04, 2004 by two co-founders of Mr. Chung Thanh Tien and Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Ngan. D.H.A.S.C is one of very few companies providing accounting service in Ho Chi Minh City and in Vietnam which registered business license with Ministry of Finance at the earliest. Moreover, it is the first company setting a system of accounting service quality management for clients. The company’s service process, relating forms … have been applying by Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors (VAA) as a public process to agencies providing accounting service in Vietnam.


D.H.A.S.C has grown incessantly so far, not only the amount of clients and staff but also the service quality. Besides, the company has created the firm belief in clients and the state management offices. It spent 2 times of verifying accounting service and has been appreciated continuously over the verification periods by VAA. For those reasons, D.H.A.S.C is always obtaining certificates for its service quality from VAA.


In spite of the difficulties in management and orientation of accounting career development in Vietnam, D.H.A.S.C is the leading company in mobilizing VAA, accounting agencies and individuals in Vietnam to come forward with establishing Vietnamese Association of Public Accounting Practice (VAPAP) which its purpose is to present for the voice of individuals practicing accounting in Vietnam, to deal with issues relating to unfair competition (agencies, individuals practicing against rules and providing irresponsible services …), risky business limitation, protection of legitimate interests, repair of separate operating situations in individuals and agencies. Dong Hung also contributes to sponsoring the VAPAP’s website ( and operates the bulletins of website for serving public benefits of true accounting practicing individuals.


With the desire of developing Dong Hung into the largest and the most authentic accounting brand in Vietnam, the company has strived continuously in specialty, work force training, equipment and facilities investment, expanding not only in Vietnam market but also in Cambodia and Laos to serve Vietnam enterprises investing in the countries with the best quality.


D.H.A.S.C is aiming to get the certificates again from VAA or Ministry of Finance in 2012 as what the company strived and achieved during the last years. Moreover, the company also maintains the belief from clients, and continues to improve the quality of service in order that the clients can feel satisfied as coming to the Dong Hung’s accounting service.

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